"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."  ~Edgar Degas
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 "Deeply Rooted" Series (pen & ink)
These are just a few examples from my series "Deeply Rooted"...it has been an enriching experience to depict the various relationships we encounter in our lifetime...and how they become "deeply rooted" within us. 

Along with this series, customized versions of "Deeply Rooted" are also available as commissioned pieces. Please contact me for more information. 

Custom order used for Couple's Wedding Invitations
Prints: $12/each

Framed Prints: $40-45

Custom Deeply Rooted 
Original: $75-100

Available at most art shows that I exhibit are: Originals, Prints, Note cards, Gift Sets, Bookmarks, key-chains and Jewelry. I exhibit a wide range of media, subject matter and price range...there really is something for everyone!

  • Small prints: $12 
  • Large Prints: $25 
  • Note cards: $5 
  • Jewelry: $25-45
  • Gift Sets: $40-65
  • Price of originals vary

Examples of 2 piece sets and jewelry